Providing Professional Tree Care, Tree Pruning and Tree Removal Services to Homeowners

  • Have your trees grown so that they are now blocking out the light into your house or garden?
  • Do you own trees on the boundary of your property which might be overhanging into a neighbour’s garden or public footpath?
  • Do you have trees so close to your property that they are affecting your ability to get home insurance or a mortgage?
  • Is a large tree now so big that it has become the dominant feature in your garden? This is extremely common for a domestic garden with a tree in it.

If you recognise any of these situations, then EOS Contracting, your friendly local arborists, can help.

We help homeowners with tree concerns in:

  • Birmingham
  • Worcester
  • Shropshire
  • Gloucestershire

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Tree Care

Trees offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners including:

  • Making the environment more attractive and reducing ozone levels
  • Reducing noise and light pollution
  • Screening your property from noisy roads and nosey neighbours
  • Protecting your property by reducing wind speed, turbulence and urban run-off
  • Providing opportunities for wildlife in your garden

Trees form an important part of your environment but they must be correctly managed to ensure their health and longevity .  This includes ensuring that they don’t block out natural light, dominate your garden or create a problem- such as overhanging public spaces or being too close to your property.

Our team of experienced arborists will assess your situation and make practical and straightforward suggestions to solve your problems.  These can include:

  • Tree pruning- including crown thinning which removes smaller branches from the crown (canopy) to let through more light and crown reduction which reduces the height and/or spread of the crown.
  • Tree removal- this can be through felling or sectional dismantling where the tree is cut into parts. Sectional dismantling may be the only option due to obstacles in the vicinity or to ensure that nearby structures are safe.
  • Stump removal- stumps are difficult to remove and our trained arborists have the right equipment for the job.
  • Tree care- you may want to preserve the trees in your garden but are concerned about the damage they may cause if they are overhanging a public space or a neighbour’s garden or if they were to be hit by high winds.

EOS will provide you with straightforward advice and recommendations on how to care for your trees or deal with the situation.


Domestic Tree Removal and Tree Pruning

If you have trees that need to be pruned or removed then we can ensure that this is professionally done and covered by our comprehensive insurance.  Beware of people using terms like tree lopping (the removal of large side branches) and tree topping (the removal of the crown of the tree).  Both terms are indicative of crude, heavy-handed or inappropriate pruning.

Click here to find out more about BS5837 here or contact us to ensure that you are compliant.


Tree Surgeon or Arborist

Many homeowners who need to have a tree removed or pruned look for an experienced gardener or a tree surgeon.  However, these are no substitute for a qualified, experienced and fully insured arborist.   

Find out more why you might want to contact us rather than a tree surgeon in Yellow Pages.

If you want support with professional tree removal or tree pruning, then you are invited to contact your friendly arborists at EOS on 01531 650012 or at

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