Helping Companies to Manage Trees in Their Build or Infrastructure Environment

EOS Contracting are specialists at working with developers and the commercial sector. We understand that you have a project to complete and delays can lead to hefty fines. However, it is important that you consider trees early on in your project .

EOS can help you to do the below in the right way:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree care
  • On-going tree management
  • Tree stump removal

If you are looking for practical solutions with rapid implementation of the above so that you can get on with your job, then you are invited to contact us on 01531 650012 or at

We are not environmentalists and we do not represent planning authorities who manage Tree Protection Orders. We are a commercial company and understand your needs and will work hard to ensure that these are met on-time and within industry guidelines. 

Many developers and companies have the view that there is nothing that you can do about trees. This is not true- there are plenty of options provided you go the right way.


Development Sites- Tree Care and Tree Removal

There are two key factors that must be balanced with regards to trees and developments:

1)   The need for an attractive and healthy environment including inner cities, towns and on housing and business estates

2)   The demand for new developments, transportation routes and utilities

Trees offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Making the environment more attractive and reducing ozone levels
  • Reducing noise and light pollution
  • Contributing to screening and offering shade,
  • Reducing wind speed, turbulence, urban run-off and glare.
  • Providing opportunities for wildlife in built-up areas

In short, trees are an important part of the environment. However, they must be controlled, managed and where appropriate, removed.

EOS understand that there is a housing shortage in the UK and huge pressure for new stock and affordable homes. This, in turn, creates demand for more commercial properties, such as retail spaces and offices, non-commercial buildings like schools and hospitals and the road and transportation links needed to connect them.

These much-needed developments all require land and there is no shortage of open land in the UK. However, many suitable development sites contain trees and a practical solution needs to be found to balance the needs of the population with those of the environment.

Tree and vegetation management is important for infrastructure and the needs of society, which is why EOS strive to make maintenance, prevention, and remedial action easy to organise and execute.

If you want practical support in dealing with trees on your build site that is quick, effective and in line with BS5837 then you are invited to contact us on 01531 650012 or at