Your Commercial Arborist for Tree Pruning, Tree Removal and Tree Management

  • Do you have trees on your land that need pruning, removal or management?
  • Do you need to manage trees in relation to the built environment- whether you are constructing buildings, roads, train lines, power lines or utility infrastructure?
  • Would you appreciate the support of a trusted advisor who will help demystify the ecological elements of your job, help you to understand environmental concerns and give you practical, commercial solutions based on the British Standards for Trees in relation to construction (B5837)?

We can help you with:

  • BS5837 surveys and advice including rapidly implementing your tree plans
  • Visual tree assessment (VTA) to categorise and determine the health
  • Qualified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) to show that you are fulfilling your duty of care
  • Standard Utility Surveying
  • Resilience Surveying around overhead electrical lines

If you want professional and experienced support for any of the above accompanied by a rapid response and high customer service levels, then please contact your professional team of arborists.

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Developers, road contractors, construction companies and utility distributors all require commercial tree services at some point as they need to find a practical and quick solution for trees.

EOS work closely with the companies to understand their needs. We understand that time means money to your business. We understand that many projects incur hefty fines if they are delivered late.

You want a practical solution which can be quickly implemented with the minimal hassle whether this is:

  • On-going tree management
  • Tree pruning, e.g. crown reduction, crown thinning or crown lifting
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal

You, your project and your site are all unique- so is the solution that we develop for you. We are responsive to your needs and will rapidly develop and execute your tailored solution.

We can support your business in several ways:


Arborist Contractors

EOS are on call 24/7 for your emergency tree cutting needs across the UK. High winds and stormy weather can bring down trees or damage them so that they need to be removed before they can cause harm or destruction to people, buildings or infrastructure.  We have a well-established reputation for providing a fast response for:

  • Distribution Network Operators
  • Civil Engineering Companies
  • Land Agents
  • Private Estates
  • Local Authorities

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Arborist Consultancy

Our arboriculture consultants provide you with a bespoke service to meet your needs and deliver the results you want in line with industry standards.  We offer visual tree assessments (VTA), full tree care and management, support with veteran trees and tree health as well as advice on insurance and legal implications.

Find out more here or contact us to ensure your project is done right.


Tree Removal and Tree Management

EOS can advise you on tree removal, tree pruning and tree care on your development land.  We can also take on the on-going management of trees around your finished properties.

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Forestry Management

EOS has a team of fully qualified and experienced Chartered Foresters.  You can enjoy a comprehensive range of services from us such as full annual management of your property, felling license application and timber harvesting and marketing.

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BS5837- BSI Standard for Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction

BS5837 is the BSI standard publication for “trees in relation to design, demolition and construction”.  This is an important standard for developers and construction companies.   

Click here to find out more about BS5837 here or contact us to ensure that you get the permission you require and that your plans are rapidly implemented.


Environmental Management in Construction

Trees form just one part of the environment which needs considering on build sites.  EOS will demystify and quantify the environmental concerns surrounding your projects so that you can develop practical solutions and achieve your goals with the minimum of hassle.

Find out more about managing the environment or contact us.

If you want some support with tree management and tree care or need trees pruning or removing from your build environment in accordance with BS5837, then please EOS on 01531 650012 or at

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