Offering You a Comprehensive Forest Management Service

EOS offers forestry management services across the UK. We can provide full management of all your woodland assets. This includes everything from on-going large-scale projects to one-off jobs. Our team of experienced Chartered Foresters will offer you the tailored services that your business needs to reach your commercial objectives and manage your forest effectively and legally.

You will enjoy the very highest service from our team of foresters including

  • Full annual management of your property
  • Preparation of a forest management plan
  • Felling licence applications
  • Forest works manager service- who will keep co-ordinate everything and act as your eyes and ears
  • Roadside tree surveys and associated works
  • Timber inventories and valuation
  • Mensuration of your crops
  • Property valuations
  • Timber harvesting and marketing
  • Re-planting and maintenance
  • Fencing and gate installation
  • Deer management
  • Road installation
  • Drain maintenance
  • Ride flailing

If you would like professional support in these areas, then please contact us.


Our Approach to Forest Management

The first step in working with you is to understand your aims and objectives.  Together we will develop a comprehensive five-year plan for managing your forest according to your requirements.

Our plans consider the short, medium and long-term development of your forest and we will seek to balance your needs with those of the environment. 

Our first is to undertake a full Health and Environment check. This comprehensive check identifies crop health as well as any pest and maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  

We will then develop your five-year plan which includes:

  • Selection of the best management structure and approach to meet your objectives
  • Identification of valuable, protected or rare species and habitats in your forest
  • Felling license applications- you legally require a license to fell trees whether you are harvesting them for timber or are looking to convert your land to another use. A Welsh farmer was fined £112,000 in 2017 for illegally felling trees on his land.
  • Regular roadside tree surveys to ensure that they are not a hazard to the public and so protecting you from potential claims
  • Regular maintenance around your forest such as installing or fixing fences and gates.
  • Planning of the harvest- it is important to identity the trees that will remain. These residual trees form the backbone of your forest.
  • Mensuration of crops, particularly those due to be harvested
  • Support with the harvesting and marketing of timber so you can realise the full value of your assets
  • Replanting of harvested areas so that your investment can deliver returns for years to come while meeting your felling license requirements
  • Management of invasive species and pests- it is important that your investment is protected
  • Forecasting and property valuation- we can provide you with a forecast on how much you can realise per year from your forest and its value if you were to sell it. We will update these on a regular basis. 

Once your plan has been agreed, we will work with you to produce annual estimates for completing the work. We will report against these and provide an annual record of operations.

EOS are well respected for their high level of customer service. If you want the best management for your forest then call us on 01531 650012 or contact us.

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