24/7 Emergency Tree Cutting and Tree Work Service

We provide nationwide response teams who can help with all your emergency tree cutting and tree work services including:

  • Powerline clearance- our team will greatly reduce the risk of interruption in power supplies through quick mobilisation and clear communications. We support DNOs across the UK with our 24/7 emergency response service backed by fully compliant utility cutting staff authorised on nationwide DNOs.
  • Emergency tree removal we can rapidly remove fallen trees from your land, property or infrastructure. If it is surrounded by obstacles and potential hazards, we may have to dismantle it in sections.  In either case, we will ensure trees are quickly removed.
  • Emergency tree work- trees damaged by storms, high winds, or physical impact may require emergency work before they can cause further damage to the environment, local infrastructure or individuals. Trees in danger of falling over or being uprooted require emergency tree work; whether they are close to buildings or infrastructure (e.g. train lines) or on commonly used ground (e.g. in a park).

If you require emergency tree cutting or tree work, then contact the rapid response arborists on our 24-hour hotline.


Rapid Response Tree Felling

High winds, stormy weather or physical impact (such as a car crash) can bring down trees or damage them so that they require urgent attention.  Sometimes, unnoticed unhealthy trees, can collapse in even a moderate wind.  Whatever the cause, damaged or unhealthy trees can cause unexpected harm to people, property and infrastructure.  This can be anything from an unhealthy tree in the local park just waiting for a fresh breeze to a line of storm damaged trees on a train embankment.

If you have a responsibility for trees or are affected by them, then we can help.  We support a wide range of organisations including:

  • Distribution Network Operator Companies
  • First Tier Contractors
  • Local Authorities
  • Commercial Clients
  • Site Clearance Contractors

You can and should take steps to limit your need for emergency tree cutting. We highly recommend that you have a professional arborist perform a visual tree assessment (VTA) on the trees on your land on a regular basis.  This will reduce the likelihood of unexpected failure or loss of branches under moderate wind conditions due to ill health. 

It is advisable to take professional advice on trees where damage is likely to occur should they fail, become uprooted or shed branches.  EOS Contracting will give you advice on the potential of failure and how this can be best minimised.  This could involve reducing the tree or in some cases, removing it all together.  In either case, it will minimise your liability should the tree fail and greatly reduce the likelihood of you needing our emergency service.

If you require emergency tree cutting or tree work services or would like advice on how to limit your liability or chances of needing these services then contact your 24/7 arboricultural contractors at EOS on 01531 650012 or at office@eoscontracting.co.uk

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