The Rise in Need for Effective and Commercially-Focused Tree and Environmental Management

  • Are you involved in a development or infrastructure project?
  • Do you have trees on your land that you need to manage?
  • Do you have other environmental concerns?

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Many development and infrastructure projects can be delayed due to project managers not considering environmental implications.  They can also lead to large fines, if companies just plough ahead with no regard for the environmental impact.

EOS Contracting is your friendly and commercially-focused arborists who can:

  • De-mystify the ecological elements of your job
  • Effectively manage trees in relation to the built environment whether this is tree pruning, tree removal, tree management etc.
  • Help you understand the environmental concerns and make them quantifiable and manageable

We will help you to produce an outline environmental management plan which will allow you to stay compliant and maintain your schedule.

We will help you identify, consider and plan for the key basics including:

  • Site establishment
  • Boundary Fencing
  • Nature conservation including wild birds, bats, great crested newts, badgers etc.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Air and soil quality
  • Protection of existing environmental features
  • Landscaped design
  • Noise and vibration
  • Contaminated land
  • Waste management
  • Material management

If you want help with the above then contact us, we are just a phone call away and can ensure that your projects are kept on track and not de-railed.


The Growing Need for Effective Environmental Management

The UK population is growing and more housing, infrastructure and commercial developments are needed.  This means using more open land and developing on green belt spaces but the environmental concerns must be effectively managed.

The idea of green belts was developed in the 1940s when the UK was a very different place. Pollution levels were much higher than they are now and few people owned a car to travel to and enjoy areas of natural beauty.

In recent years, academics, policy groups and town planning organisations have criticised the green belt idea. They have attacked it as too rigid in the face of new urban and environmental challenges, especially the lack of housing.

There are currently more than 360,000 homes being planned on green belt land and this is likely to increase. This increase should be welcomed provided the needs of the environment are considered.

EOS Contracting can help you to seize the initiative by going the right way about getting planning permission by considering the needs of the environment.  We will then help you quickly and efficiently execute your environmental plans so that you can get on with developing your site.

Many developers have the idea that there is not much they can do about trees and the environment.  However, with the current high pressure to build new homes many planning authorities are having to consider well thought out applications that appropriately consider the needs of the environment.

If you would like support in considering and managing environmental concerns so that you can get planning permission and complete your build within time and industry standards, then please contact your professional arborists at EOS on 01531 650012 or at

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